Importing cachaça from Brazil

Cachaça – Brazil’s favorite spirit

As an import & export company in Brazil we are specialized in exporting cachaça and other spirits from Brazil. Through our extensive network within Brazil, we can provide you with a great portfolio against very competitive prices. If you are planning to start your own cachaça brand, we can handle all operations within Brazil including legal documentation.

Exporting cachaca from Brazil
Over the years, we have built strong partnerships with high quality and trustworthy cachaça producers. We are able to provide you with a great portfolio against competitive prices.

Sales of cachaça within Brazil have been declining for years now and with over 40.000 producers, often non-regulated, there is a growing acceptance that growth has to come from abroad. The cachaça industry, which until recently was viewed as large but unsophisticated, is now upgrading its product range, renovating packaging and initiating different concepts thereby creating the basis for international growth and expansion. Especially in the US since it know recognizes cachaça as a distinctive product of Brazil. In other words, the name cachaça will only be applied to products of Brazilian origin.

There are several government programs in place to support this international expansion of this true Brazilian spirit such as the partnership between IBRAC and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex). These kind of initiatives should further boost the Brazilian exports of cachaça.

Importing cachaça from Brazil

Brazil is a complicated place to do business. Except the language barrier, Brazil is notorious for rampant bureaucracy, regulation and taxation. Internal logistics in Brazil is complicated and expensive. Without any experience in doing business in Brazil it will be difficult to know the correct prices and procedures. We will be able to act as one-stop shop for all your imports of cachaça from Brazil handling all your import & export operations in Brazil.

Interested in importing cachaça from Brazil but your volume does not fill an entire container? With our less-than-container-load (LCL) services, you are paying only for the space that you use. We offer cost-effectively solutions for all your cachaça imports from Brazil.

Exporting cachaça: opening new markets

Major foreign investment in cachaça sector began in 2011, when the Italian liqueur brand Campari took over the Brazilian cachaça brand Sagatiba. The British brand Diageo followed by buying Ypióca in 2012. The cachaça brand Santa Dose was bought by the American brand Brown-Forman (famous for the whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s). More consolidation is expected in the cachaça sector in the coming years.

Opening new markets and setting-up new partnerships requires a detailed understanding of local markets and access to a distribution and logistical infrastructure. Most alambiques do not have the experience nor capital to put these conditions in place that are required for international growth. Targenta has teamed-up with The Cachaça Company, a European distributor of artisanal cachaça. With this partnership, we are able to provide the European logistical infrastructure to cachaça producers interested in exporting cachaça to Europe. We are also able to provide marketing services in Europe. For example by participating in events on your behalf.

If you are interested in exporting cachaça from Brazil, please contact us, we are always willing to share our experiences and knowledge.

Launching your own cachaça brand

With further sales growth and exports expected for craft cachaça there is an increasing interest outside Brazil in launching new cachaça brands. We provide all services within Brazil to entrepreneurs wanting to launch their own cachaça brand.

Most assume this is a very costly operation. This is not true. With a couple of hundred bottles, it is already possible to start your own cachaça brand. We have partnerships with producers that can provide the highest quality of cachaça against very competitive prices. We will also handle all legal documentation and registration processes.


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Importing cachaça from Brazil