Cachaça Sapucaia

History of cachaça Sapucaia

The story of cachaça Sapucaia started in 1933 in Pindamonhangaba, in the interior of São Paulo state, when Cicero da Silva Prado founded the distillery. With the export from Brazil to Europe starting at the end of 2014, Sapucaia is now gaining space in Europe.

Export from Brazil
Sapucaia 18 anos is now also available in Europe through The Cachaça Company.

The name Sapucaia is derived from a typical tree of the Atlantic Forest, located on the Atlantic Coast of Brazil. Since the creation of the brand Sapucaia, the name has been recognized for its quality and has received many awards. As recently as 2016 the Sapucaia Reserva da Família (aged for 10 years in oak barrels) has been elected as one of the 50 best artisanal cachaças of Brazil by the Cúpula da Cachaça. In 2007 and 2009 Playboy magazine selected Sapucaia Velha Tradicional and Sapucaia Reserva da Família as the best craft cachaças of Brazil.

Recently Sapucaia opened a new branch in the city of Pirassununga ( São Paulo State) and is open to the public.

Export cachaça from Brazil

Sapucaia and The Cachaça Company, the European distributor of artisanal cachaças, decided to team-up with the aim of bringing this premium cachaça to European consumers. At the end of 2014 the export from Brazil to Europa started. Currently Sapucaia is online available in all European countries and is offered in several liquor stores and high-end restaurants and bars in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany with more expansion expected in the near future.

With access to a bonded warehouse near the port of Rotterdam, The Cachaça Company distributes the brand Sapucaia to business clients throughout Europe.

Cachaça Sapucaia

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