Our story

How it started

The port of Vila do Conde at the mouth of Amazon River near Belém.

It began with a Dutchman in Brazil who came into contact with cachaça, Brazilian rum. Caught by the taste – and also with the vibrant Brazilian way of life – his entrepreneurial spirit led him to start exporting this typical Brazilian drink to Europe. The first shipment of 2,000 bottles of cachaça arrived at the end of 2014 in the port of Rotterdam. 

Experiencing firsthand how complicated it can be to do business in Brazil he decided, together with Icaro, to set-up Targenta Importacao e Exportacao de Produtos e Bebidas Ltda.

Targenta provides import & export services from and to Brazil focus on small to medium sized companies that are interested in opening new markets and setting-up new partnerships but often lack the experience and capital to maintain their own import & export structure.