Procurement & Sourcing Services

We provide local presense in Brazil

We give your company local presence in this part of the world and help you finding the right suppliers and partners. Targenta guarantees the best quality for a fair price. By using our services, we are proving you with a single point of contact in Brazil.

Finding the right supplier is essential for every business. Bureaucracy, language barriers and cultural differences make Brazil a challenging and time-consuming place to do business. We select the right supplier for your business where we balance price, quality and service. Our procurement and sourcing services lead to measurable cost savings and increase the efficiency and effectiveness for our clients. We engage suppliers in contract negotiations as well as providing them with the appropriate contract for their goods or services.

Targenta offers procurement and sourcing services in Brazil based on transparency and reliability.

Our procurement & sourcing services in Brazil

Costs Savings

We are based in Brazil and with our local knowledge and presence we know which suppliers provide the best relationship between price, quality and service. As a local company, often we are able to negotiate better terms.

Acting as a central buyer for different clients we are able to negotiate better prices & terms.

As a licensed import & export company in Brazil we combine the loads of different suppliers into one combined shipment thereby reducing the logistical and exporting costs substantially for our clients in Brazil.

Time Savings

Brazil is a complicated, expensive and time-consuming country to do business. We have set-up a reliable network of suppliers and other partners. By using our services you reduce we reduce time, costs and risk for our clients.

Business Development & Private Label

We are always looking for new products and suppliers that offer unique and high-quality products. Most of our suppliers & partners in Brazil are small to medium-sized companies looking to expand outside Brazil. We can offer our clients products that are often not available at other distributors outside Brazil.

For most of our products we offer private label services.


We value long-term relationships with our clients and growing together. We offer our services on an exclusive basis per region where our client will be the only importer and distributor.

For more information about our procurement services, please contact us.